mercoledì 15 ottobre 2014

Libreria Controvento

My friend Filomena Grimaldi is the best bookseller I know and is the owner of the Libreria Controvento, an open space full of books, stories and meetings.
She chose to open it in a small town in southern Italy because "sometimes in small places life becomes bigger" (from Luce d'estate ed è subito notte,  J. K. Stefansson).
So a few months ago she asked me to think of an image that could contain the atmosphere of this beautiful place and adapt it for the business cards, the bookmarks, the postcards, the image of the website and the facebook fanpage.
At first Filomena asked me to portray the shop window but I persuaded her to let me show the inside of this magic place with many activities and people of all ages.
And here is the result!

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